As a traditional family-run company in its third generation, we represent values such as honesty, respect and equality.
The Code of Conduct is a voluntary commitment to all business partners, employees, customers and suppliers.
We have adapted processes and implemented measures to this end.





Compliance describes the adherence to rules, which plays a decisive role in today's business world.

It refers to compliance with legal regulations, guidelines and ethical standards. An effective compliance program is not only a legal requirement, but also an essential component of responsible and sustainable business operations.

For all other matters relating to compliance, the committee will answer your questions at compliance(at)prettl-electronics.com, because WE LISTEN.




The whistleblower system is a way to report violations anonymously or by name. Together, we ensure a fair and better life - in line with our vision ELECTRONICS FOR A BETTER LIFE.


Our primary goal is to act in accordance with the law. To this end, we have also created the appropriate internal processes, guidelines and controls. However, if violations do occur, we as the Prettl Electronics Group want to know about them, because "we listen". This also applies to violations along our supply chain. Only through such information can we ensure that legal violations are uncovered, investigated, prosecuted and stopped.

Anyone who obtains information about violations in connection with their professional activities at the Prettl Electronics Group or in the run-up to a professional activity. This may include: Employees, temporary workers, suppliers, customers or applicants.

In some cases, every employee is legally obliged to report violations, see e.g. Section 16 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. However, even if this obligation does not exist in many cases, violations can cause considerable damage to the company. We therefore want to be informed of violations as quickly as possible in order to prevent damage to the company and its employees.

In the event of acute danger or threatening situations, please always contact the known emergency numbers or the nearest police station first.

Yes, the Whistleblower Protection Act and Prettl's internal regulations protect every whistleblower from reprisals. These are actions or omissions that cause or may cause unjustified disadvantage to the whistleblower. This also applies to persons who are the subject of a report. 
However, this protection only applies if incorrect information is not reported intentionally or through gross negligence.

The whistleblower system is intended to be used for and facilitate the reporting of violations subject to penalties or fines. However, the protection afforded by the Whistleblower Protection Act only applies if the whistleblower has sufficient reason to believe that the information they have reported is true at the time of reporting. In other words, the whistleblower must have actual grounds for doing so.  For example, because the infringement was noticed or reliable inquiries were made. Pure speculation is not covered by whistleblower protection 1. It is also not intended for making value judgments or reporting private misconduct. 
Please note: A deliberately untrue report can have criminal consequences.

1 Source: Federal Office of Justice

No. A completely anonymous report is also possible via the whistleblower portal. Nevertheless, reporting by name is always preferable. The identity of the whistleblower will of course be treated confidentially.

The information submitted via the electronic whistleblower system dpms is read and processed by the Prettl Compliance Committee. The committee works across all locations and can also be contacted at the following e-mail address: compliance(at)prettl-electronics.com.

The compliance committee can communicate with you via the dpms system and keep you up to date. You will receive feedback on the follow-up measures planned and already taken no later than 3 months after confirmation of receipt. This also works if you have submitted the report anonymously.

At the time of reporting, you must have reasonable grounds to believe that the information you have reported is true. In other words, you must have factual evidence to support the assumption of a violation, for example because you have observed the violation yourself or have made reliable inquiries. Therefore, if possible, name all evidence available to you (e.g. witnesses, certificates, other documents, photo files, etc.). If such evidence is available to you as an electronic file, you have the option of uploading it when submitting your report.

In the event that all internal offices do not process your report, you can contact the Federal External Reporting Office at the Federal Office of Justice.

BfJ - Hinweisgeberstelle (bundesjustizamt.de)

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