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Carsten Ellermeier wins the "MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2022" award in the " Sustainability" category

More than 7,000 readers had previously taken part in the online vote for the "Manager of the Year 2022" and determined the three best-placed winners

In each of seven categories (Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries, Electromechanics, Embedded Systems, Semiconductors, Passive Components, Supply Chain, Sustainability). Carsten Ellermeier (CEO of PRETTL Electronics Group) won in the category "Sustainability".

"THANK YOU! After an exhausting, challenging but at the same time exciting year, I proudly hold the award "Manager of the Year" for the Sustainability category awarded by Markt&Technik in my hands. I also want to say thank you to the people who accompanied me during this time through all the ups and downs, supported me and voted for me! Thank you, to the entire Prettl team, business associates, friends and family. Thank you for supporting and guiding me. It's a great feeling when you are shown that you are going in the right direction.I am looking forward to the next step into a more sustainable future", said Carsten Ellermeier.

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